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alladin-IT develops software, consults and supports its clients since 2005.

We are specialists for network quality monitoring and measure user experience on network and service level. Transparent, neutral and independent.

The alladin Nettest platform was developed in 2011 in cooperation with the Austrian Telecom Regulator RTR and science. It has been continuously enhanced since then. For BEREC, the Association of European Regulators, we implemented the NN Reference System in 2019/20. The system is the monitoring standard for performance, neutrality and quality in Europe. Today, a large number of regulators and network operators rely on our solutions and expertise.

The Nettest platform is a modular end-to-end solution for operators, OTTs and business to monitor user experience at end customer premises and in the own network. Our customers benefit in competition from happier users, better services and lower costs. Based on our data, more efficient investments in network expansion are made, new products are developed in a customer-oriented manner and accurate marketing messages are formulated.

Measurement clients are available for iOS, Android, browser and desktop and used for active monitoring of any IP-based service. A uniform measuring method for fixed-line, WiFi and mobile ensures comparable and easy to use results. Our HW probes, the ANT boxes, are available as a plug-and-play variant or as an enterprise solution. The alladin management system ANMTS controls the ANT boxes and offers full flexibility regarding the configuration of tests and test intervals. A complete automation of all test scenarios is on-top possible.

Finally, alladin supports governments and ministries in meeting the challenges of digitalization. These challenges need promotion, coordination and control. Nettest shows the actual national broadband status. We empower governments, ministries and regulators to make informed decisions, invest better, get funding and achieve faster progress.

Portrait Johannes Lusak.

Johannes Lusak

Johannes holds a Master degree in business administration as well as in literature from Vienna and Los Angeles. He worked for many years as an international management consultant where he was responsible for international consulting teams and projects.

Johannes joined the metalworking industry when he was in his thirties. As head of HR and OD in a family-owned enterprise he had overall responsibility for OD, corporate culture, executive development, SAP-HCM, performance and talent management.

Johannes sees his professional role as a builder of bridges between divergent interests, with the aim of creating win-win situations in cooperation and coordination in order to achieve goals.

Portrait Sven Gschweitl.

Sven Gschweitl

Sven holds a Master degree in law from the University of Vienna as well as a Master degree in business administration from the University of Minnesota, USA and Vienna. During his career, he was in different management positions in the field of telecom regulation, ICT strategy development and project management.

His legal background in combination with his technical and economical knowledge and experience gives him the possibility to analyse issues from a holistic point of view. His affinity for IT and technical issues and his curiosity for new developments drives him to expand his expertise continuously.

Coming from a regulatory background with broad experience on the European level completes his profile.

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