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alladin-IT was founded by Andreas Gaber in 2005. The original portfolio of services included CMS/CRM, mobile solutions, databases, e-commerce solutions and special programming.

2008 saw the beginning of the spectrum auction development and consulting service for RTR, the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications. In recent years, our competence has ensured the success of several European auction processes.
Further specialization in the telecommunications sector resulted in the alladin Nettest in 2011. It is fully compliant with the BEREC Guidelines (EU), the DSM Regulation (EC), and major ETSI/ITU-T standards. More than 150 parameters monitor speed, QoS and QoE.

Today, alladin-IT has two more managing partners: Johannes Lusak and Sven Gschweitl.

Portrait Andreas Gaber.

Andreas Gaber

Andreas Gaber holds a Master degree in business information technology from the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2008, he has been involved in numerous frequency spectrum auctions implementing specialized auction software for SMRA and CCA formats, acquiring specialist expertise in game theory, mathematical auction theory and auction consultancy.

Since 2011, Andreas has been involved as project leader, key account manager and technical expert in the management of Nettest projects.

He is also in regular contact with numerous regulatory authorities in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, using his extensive expertise in spectrum auctions and monitoring of Internet quality.

Portrait Johannes Lusak.

Johannes Lusak

Johannes holds a Master degree in business administration as well as in literature from Vienna and Los Angeles. He worked for many years as an international management consultant where he was responsible for international consulting teams and projects.

Johannes joined the metalworking industry when he was in his thirties. As head of HR and OD in a family-owned enterprise he had overall responsibility for OD, corporate culture, executive development, SAP-HCM, performance and talent management.

Johannes sees his professional role as a builder of bridges between divergent interests, with the aim of creating win-win situations in cooperation and coordination in order to achieve goals.

Portrait Sven Gschweitl.

Sven Gschweitl

Sven holds a Master degree in law from the University of Vienna as well as a Master degree in business administration from the University of Minnesota, USA and Vienna. During his career, he was in different management positions in the field of telecom regulation, ICT strategy development and project management.

His legal background in combination with his technical and economical knowledge and experience gives him the possibility to analyse issues from a holistic point of view. His affinity for IT and technical issues and his curiosity for new developments drives him to expand his expertise continuously.

Coming from a regulatory background with broad experience on the European level completes his profile.

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