The Alladin Nettest,
far more than a speedtest

Do you want to measure the availability, quality and neutrality of your Internet? And is it important to you that all the results are generated and processed objectively, securely and transparently?

Our Development, Your Benefits

As a network operator you have the benefit of

  • Transparency as regards network performance thanks to active probing
  • Data-based foundation for decisions on network development and fault processes
  • Strengthening customer relations also through new performance transparency
  • Clarity regarding customers' expectations, needs and characteristics
  • Marketing and distribution opportunities thanks to evaluation and correlation of measurement results and context
  • Business opportunities thanks to identification of regional gaps and deficits in supply covering all operators
  • Proactive action due to own results instead of justification by comparison with regulator statistics
  • Compliance with the German Federal Network Agency’s Telecommunications Transparency Regulation of 2016

As a regulator you have the benefit of

  • BEREC-compliant software solution (2014 and 2016)
  • 24/7 evaluation of connection quality, network neutrality, reliability and user satisfaction nationwide and covering all operators
  • Measurement of the degree of compliance with coverage requirements
  • End-user empowerment: basis for informed consumer decisions
  • Increased competition and network quality due to greater market and performance transparency

As an OTT you have the benefit of

  • Knowledge of actual network quality at consumer's premises
  • Information regarding consumer expectations and satisfaction when using OTT service
  • Country figures for bandwidth and connection quality of OTT customers
  • Technical and economic foundation for informed decision on expansion of own networks
  • Own raw data for new kinds of evaluations and statistics
  • Performance-based choice of infrastructure partner
  • Monitoring of network reliability

You Choose the Best Solution

The maximum number of measurement parameters, most up-to-date programming, successfully implemented in several countries and – not least – a very good price-performance ratio. Find the latest measurement technology implemented in our Android and iOS apps. Get our alladin Nettest apps free of charge:

The Nettest is available as a standard package. If this is what you decide on, what you get is a solution that is simple, fast and cost-effective.

As part of your Nettest package, we offer you a customisable service portfolio, from project management through to maintenance. You can also get established expansion modules.

Do you prefer the "hassle-free solution" that is easy on the pocket? In that case, we have designed the right product for you with "Nettest as a service (SaaS)”.


Authorities and Countries Using the Nettest Solution

Austria (RTR), Czech Republic (CTU), Slovenia (AKOS), Serbia (RATEL), Norway (NKOM), France, United Kingdom, BEREC (EU), Croatia (HAKOM)

The first version was developed in 2011 together with the Austrian telecoms regulator, RTR.

Our Software Package and Services

The standard package

You have chosen the standard package, successfully rolled out multiple times: all the important key functions, short deployment period and attractive price.

Speedtests and numerous QoS & QoE tests are included in the range of functions. Your logos and colours are incorporated in the design. The choice of language is yours. The measurement results are displayed graphically in map form. Raw data are provided for independent use. Statistical analyses are preconfigured.

Your Nettest will remain fully functional during iOS and android operating system updates. It will be updated in line with hardware developments, e.g. new display sizes or operating technologies such as force touch. The Nettest website will retain compatibility with new browser versions.

The standard package includes project support and apps right through until the website is published as well as one year of "Basic" maintenance and service package.

Expansion modules and additional services

We have developed expansion modules based on large number of customer inputs. These are available to you for your individual Nettest use.

Choose from the tests ranging from 0-tests without the Internet, automatic repeat measurements, quality tests through to video streaming and online video games. Various design packages can be used to change the display and layout. You can set the configuration yourself using the administrator tool. For geographical coverage maps we offer additional filtering options and varieties of map levels and material. Specific analyses and additional statistics can be individually created from your raw data.

Do you also want your Nettest to run on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV or different desktops? You decide and we will provide.

The Nettest as a service

You want the Nettest but don't want the effort and expense of implementing it yourself?

For this scenario we offer you the option of "Nettest as a service". All you have to do is decide the range of functions you need for the Nettest and define your personal design. We will take care of the rest, from technical infrastructure, hosting, monitoring operation right through to maintenance. New versions, features and updates are automatically incorporated.

The cost will depend on which scope of functions, use and service level you require.