The Nettest brings together
what belongs together

Internet users

  • Easy operation
  • Map view
  • Legally compliant results

Network operators

  • E2E QoS and QoE monitoring
  • Reduced costs per customer
  • Proactive incident & problem management


  • End-user empowerment
  • Check quality of coverage
  • Increase competition


  • 24/7 experience monitoring
  • Identify infrastructure partners
  • Make investment decisions

Online service providers

  • Monitor application experience
  • Real-time service monitoring
  • Adaptation of service quality

Public administration

  • Define areas for development
  • Compile coverage maps
  • Promote digitization

Far more than a speedtest

An independent crowd-sourced, open-source & open-data based solution.

Our method of measurement complies with international standards and regulatory requirements such as the DSM Regulation (EC), the BEREC Guidelines (EU), the TK-TVO (DE) and major ETSI/ITU-T and IANA standards.

BEREC’s Net Neutrality Reference System

The Reference System is BEREC’s NN monitoring standard for Europe.
The development by alladin-IT & zafaco is finished.
It is now available for national implementations.

What is the BEREC system?

  • A tool for customers to monitor broadband connections and services
  • Tests neutrality, performance and quality
  • For fixed line, WiFi & mobile
  • Available for iOS, Android, browser and desktop
  • White-label solution: get it in your CI & CD

How can I implement it?

Get in touch with us, the BEREC system developers

  • Fast and easy standard version implementation
  • Tailor and enhance it to your needs
  • Integrate new features developed by NRAs/BEREC
  • Benefit from our in-depth system know-how

Updates of existing Nettest systems

  • Good news: Nettest is the basis of the BEREC system
  • Migrate your existing features and data
  • Best price with ongoing maintenance contract

What if I have another system in place?

  • Get an in-depth analysis of your system
  • Migrate features and data to your new BEREC standard
  • Our expertise secures the successful implementation

Enhance your BEREC system

  • Add more customer experience tests
  • Implement monitoring profiles for certified measurements
  • Deploy fixed-line probes for customer complaints
  • Control all probes with the powerful management platform
  • Provide PDF measurement reports to customers
  • Apply data analytics and benchmarking for fresh insights
  • APIs for export and import of third-party data

For more information see the project website and visit BEREC´s website.

Unique monitoring options

  • For all prevailing technologies: fixed line, WiFi and mobile
  • Use existing standard customer devices as measuring points
  • Measuring points that can be configured flexibly and individually
  • Integrated customer LAN diagnosis
  • Interfaces for routers, CRM systems and data export
  • All measurement results in one database
  • Test actual video & audio stream experience
  • Simulate any user profiles, services and apps
  • Nettest as white label app or integrated in third-party apps
  • 24/7 monitoring of networks and services

Measure everything, all the time and everywhere

The entire context of a measurement is covered by 150+ test parameters thus validating the individual measurement result.
The result can be affected by various factors at the different measuring points. These factors can be calculated using end-to-end monitoring and taking the measurement context into account.
The Nettest offers state-of-the-art monitoring technology implemented on iOS, Android, desktop client as well as in WebSocket, JavaScript and C.

Quality of service and quality of experience in a nutshell. .

The E2E Nettest is modular in design to ensure the solution is tailor-made to your requirements.

Components and elements

The standard package is the basic component of the Nettest system. It offers all the important key functions, short deployment period and an attractive price.

As a white label solution, your logos and colors are integrated in the Nettest design.

All the raw data are provided for you to re-use.

Your Nettest remains fully functional during iOS, Android, browser and desktop operating system updates. Hardware developments such as screen sizes, sensors, user interfaces etc. are supported as a matter of course.

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Standard package features

Speed tests

  • Bandwith: down- & upload
  • Latency
  • Packet loss (TCP)
  • Signal strength
  • Details of connection (GPS, traffic, device, operating system, operator, WIFI, CPU, RAM, etc.)


  • Non-transparent proxy test
  • DNS test
  • HTTP proxy test
  • Traceroute test
  • TCP & UDP port test
  • UDP packet loss


  • VoIP test
  • Website rendering


  • Logo
  • Colour adjustment to CI/CD
  • Language: English


  • Heatmap & points overlay
  • Details displayed in balloon message
  • Filters: operators, technology, etc.


  • Amount of measurements per OS & technology
  • Average speeds over time per ISP
  • Use of connection technology over time


Availability of past measurements in full detail.

Open data

Open data export interface.

Additional features

Our range of additional features to extend your Nettest standard package is constantly growing.

Speed tests

  • 0-Tests without internet connection
  • Loop testing


  • Major display and layout adaptions
  • Language selection


  • Video streaming
  • Online video games
  • Video on demand
  • IPTV


  • Net neutrality tests
  • FTP tests
  • Connectivity Status


  • Additional filters and layers
  • Individual base maps
  • Import of third-party measurements

Statistics & Reports

  • Customization of required statistical analysis
  • Generation of individual special reports

Social Media

  • Messenger tests: Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook


  • Network Diagnosis Test
Expansion modules

The various modules are based on the standard package. Each one is developed for specific application scenarios and test functionalities. They can be combined flexibly.

Nettest as a library

  • Integration into established apps
  • Integration into existing websites
  • Integration into Linux-based operating systems

Hardware probes

  • For fixed lines, WiFi and mobile
  • 100% controlled hardware
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring

Router integration

  • TR-69 and TR-64 interfaces
  • TR-143 & iPerf test integration
  • Problem localization ISP vs. customer network
Continued development roadmap

Nettest automation

  • Remote measurement process control
  • Automated app starting and testing
  • Test user profiles (apps & services)

Hardware support

  • Nettest installation on third-party hardware
  • New monitoring points with no additional cost
  • Smart TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV, game consoles etc.

IoT M2M monitoring

Drive tests

Buy or lease?


We offer a service portfolio ranging from consultation, design, customization, implementation, project management through to maintenance. In close coordination with you, our experts will put together a Nettest system perfectly matching your requirements that will be implemented on your infrastructure and in accordance with your standards.


From our basic, advanced and premium service levels, our customers choose what is most important to them: reliable, fast, secure and professional support tailor-made to their needs.

Nettest as a service

You want the Nettest, but without the effort and expense of implementing it yourself? With “Nettest as a service”, you select the range of services you want. We will take care of the rest: from technical infrastructure, hosting, monitoring operation, updating right through to maintenance.

Regulators and Operators trusting in the Nettest standard

We value long-term cooperation. Thank you for all the successful joint projects.

Selection of corporate, project and personal references

“alladin-IT was our partner of choice to develop the ‘RTR Netztest’ from scratch… My team and I appreciated highly their comprehensive technical expertise and social skills during many complex product development cycles… Even under heavy pressure from deadlines and complex product requirements, the alladin-IT team worked always goal-oriented and effective… Our cooperation with alladin-IT was pivotal for the successful rollout of the ‘RTR Netztest’ and its full compliance with the relevant BEREC recommendations.”

Dr. Georg Serentschy, CEO RTR (11/2002 – 01/2014) Austrian Regulatory Authority – Telecom Services

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