Consulting: Regulatory Affairs

alladin has a long track record in regulatory affairs and management consulting. Regulators will benefit from our team´s unique combination of knowledge and skills.

We built our specialist expertise through many years of work within regulators - including BEREC´s chairmanship – and as external consultants for regulators in Europe and the Middle East.
We supported numerous public authorities and institutions to design, implement and change organisation and processes.

  • National framework implementation
  • Benchmarking: best practices in regulatory affairs
  • Digitalization and broadband strategy
  • Optimisation of organisational structures and core processes

Consulting: Spectrum Auctions

In 2008, alladin developed a special spectrum auction software solution for awarding frequencies in CCA and SMRA format. Since then, our expert knowledge has proven itself many times over at European auctions.

alladin’s spectrum auction consulting portfolio offers providers and customers everything from defining the auction format, determining the reserve price, increments, minimum and maximum bid limits, block sizes, categories, etc., through to defining auction rules, providing support in public consultations, bidder and auctioneer training and spectrum auction training programs.

Selection of corporate, project and personal references

"I would like to thank you and the entire team of the employees of your company. I appreciate the efforts that you have made for the preparation and the subsequent course of the electronic auction … The work of your team contributed to the successful completion of this tender and I would therefore welcome further cooperation in the future …"

Jaromír Novák, Chairman of the Council, SMRA, 2013, CTU, Czech Republic

"… the spectrum auction has been prepared and implemented in a transparent and accurate way, under the equal and competitive conditions, without mistakes and without any appeal proceeding … Mr. Andreas Gaber provided the above services on the exceptionally professional, competent and responsible manner, significantly contributing to the overall success of the public bidding procedure …"

Zoran Sekulic, Executive Director, CCA, 2016, EKIP, Montenegro

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