Use Cases

Some examples of what our customers use the Nettest for:

Resolve and prevent problems

A problem in the customer’s network or in-house?

  • ISP knows the customer’s actual QoS and QoE
  • The Nettest distinguishes customer LAN from the ISP network as a source of error
  • Measuring before and after the network terminating interface pinpoints the cause of the problem
  • 24/7 monitoring for proactive customer service & predictive analytics
  • Transparency of own performance makes for customer loyalty

Better service at lower cost

Simply superior solutions

  • Greater knowledge of QoS and QoE highlights “black box” customer
  • Customer receives more information and is able to resolve problem on its own more often
  • ISP learns by linking monitoring results with customer data
  • Helpdesk has more and reliable information for problem-solving 24/7
  • ISP uses new data for upselling and marketing

Optimizing use of resources

Less is more

  • Monitor actual availability and quality of agreed services
  • Target/actual comparison of service level achieved and contractually agreed
  • Optimizing use of resources to achieve the agreed service level
  • Sell new services based on user experience

Services available 24/7 (QoS)

Permanently proactive

  • VoIP functioning
  • IPTV and VOD functioning
  • E-mail, FTP, http (IAS) functioning
  • No service restrictions or outages after updates

24/7 service quality monitoring (QoE)

Definitely better

  • VoIP: voice quality (MOS)
  • IPTV and VOD: resolution, buffer periods, stalling
  • IAS: speed and stability
  • Video telephony: setup, picture quality, interruption
  • Updates do not affect service quality negatively

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