Interdisciplinary specialists for spectrum auctions and network quality.

alladin-IT develops individual solutions for its clients. Our trademark is cross-border knowledge coming from information technology, business administration, social sciences and management consulting. Since 2008 we focus on telecommunication industry and Regulatory Authority.

The Alladin Nettest,
far more than a speedtest

The Nettest was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Telecom Regulatory Authority (RTR) in 2011. It is designed as an open-source software for the measurement of internet connectivity focusing on quality and reliability (QoE & QoS). The methodology is fully compliant with the BEREC recommendations on internet coverage and quality tests, especially: crowd-sourced, openness, comparability, reliability and net neutrality monitoring. Overall 150+ parameters are tested and prepared for deeper individual analysis.

Further key features of Alladin´s solution are: user friendly design, fast deployment, support of all major plattforms (IOS, Android, websockets, Java), low implementation costs, reliable and transparent measurement techniques.


Austria (RTR), Czech Republic (CTU), Slovenia (AKOS), Serbia (RATEL), Norway (NKOM), BEREC

Spectrum auctions,
far more than a software

Alladin developed a spectrum auction software for awarding frequencies to mobile operators in 2008. It supports both CCA and SMRA auction formats and is highly configurable to meet any variations of these auction algorithms.

The calculation engine is well tested and has proven it´s 100% reliability in several auctions in Europe. This is additionally verified by independent scientific bodies.

Our unique algorithm handles even very complex CCA auctions and delivers results within seconds. Thus, the number of categories stated no limitation so far.

Data transfer is highly secured and tap-proof through a high-level safety encryption. The system is always resettable to the state after the last completed auction round.

Alladin´s spectrum auction consulting portfolio includes among others: definition of auction format, definition of reserve prices, increments, caps, floors, block sizes, categories, etc., definition of auction rules, support in public consultations, bidder and auctioneer training, spectrum auction workshops and trainings.


  • Montenegro (EKIP – 2016 multiband 800, 900, 1800, 2000, 2600 MHz CCA)
  • Czech Republic (CTU – 2016 multiband 1800, 2600 MHz SMRA)
  • Austria (RTR – 2013 450 MHz CCA)
  • Slovakia (RU – 2013 multiband 800, 1800, 2600 MHz CCA)
  • Czech Republic (CTU – 2013 multiband 800, 1800, 2600 MHz SMRA)
  • Austria (RTR – 2013 multiband 800, 900, 1800 MHz CCA
  • Czech Republic (CTU – 2012 multiband 800, 1800, 2600 MHz SMRA)
  • Austria (RTR – 2010 2,6 GHz SMRA)
  • Austria (RTR – 2009 3,5 GHz SMRA)
  • Austria (RTR – 2008 3,5 GHz SMRA)

About us

Andreas Gaber founded alladin-IT in 2005. Leonhard Wimmer joined in 2007 as CTO. Services included CMS/CRM, mobile solutions, database management, e-commerce solutions and programming. Spectrum auction consulting was started for the Austrian Regulatory Authority, RTR in 2008. Our sophisticated spectrum auction software system was used in several auction processes in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Montenegro until now. Specializing further on telecommunication industry and authority the “Nettest” was developed to monitor QoS and QoE of internet accesses based on BERECs recommendations. Today it is used in many European countries for measurements of broadband quality and coverage obligations.

Johannes Lusak joined Andreas Gaber as managing partner of alladin-IT in 2016.

Andreas Gaber

Andreas Gaber started his career in the telecom sector by studying business informatics at the Technical University of Vienna.
Since 2008 he was involved in numerous frequency spectrum auctions implementing specialized auction software for SMRA and CCA formats. Andreas gained mathematical auction theory knowledge and corresponding consultancy expertise.

Andreas was involved in all Nettest projects as a project leader, key account manager and technical expert since 2011.

Furthermore, he is constantly in contact to many regulatory authorities in Europe, Middle East and North Africa consulting them with his profound expertise in spectrum auctions and monitoring of internet quality.
Serving as managing partner to alladin-IT Andreas is responsible for finance, marketing and sales.

Johannes Lusak

Johannes studied business administration and literature in Vienna and Los Angeles. He worked many years as international management consultant focusing on strategy, organisational development, change management and HR. Johannes was responsible for international consulting teams and projects (Industry, Government, Administration, Energy Sector, Non-profit and SME).

In his thirties, Johannes joined the metal working industry. Serving as head of HR and OD to a family-owned enterprise he was overall responsible for OD, corporate culture, leadership development, SAP-HCM, performance and talent management.

Johannes always understood his functions as a builder of bridges between diverging interests trying to create win-win situations in cooperation and coordination to achieve goals.

As managing director of alladin-IT he is responsible for HR, strategy, marketing, product development, controlling and project management.