Privacy Policy

alladin-IT respects the right to privacy and shall not collect any personal data without the explicit consent of users. The personal data which alladin-IT shall acquire on the basis of an explicit and informed consent of users shall be processed by complying with the highest security and confidentiality standards.

Prior to using alladin-IT Nettest, users must acknowledge their explicit acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the alladin-IT Nettest system for measuring the quality of broadband service. Without this, the alladin-IT Nettest cannot be performed. This acceptance can be withdrawn at any time.

By accepting the general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy users explicitly accept that alladin-IT (as the personal data administrator) collects and processes personal data.
Personal data are not collected for commercial purposes in any way. alladin-IT shall not try to identify specific users, nor shall it link the collected data therewith. The IP address and the Client UUID are processed but not published, i.e. they are neither disclosed nor published and are not retrievable as open data.

You can send all questions regarding the personal data protection and privacy policy when using alladin-IT Nettest system for measuring the quality of broadband service to the alladin-IT’s email address:

The browser version of the alladin-IT Nettest uses cookies. Cookies are little files sent from the server hosting the website to your computer’s hard disk when you visit the alladin-IT Nettest website. These cookies store the following sets of data: acceptance of the privacy policy and terms of use, the randomly generated client ID (client UUID) and the location (temporarily). These data are used to identify users the next time they visit the alladin-IT Nettest website.

By accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the user also grants explicit approval for the use and storage of cookies.

The purpose of personal data collection

All data acquired by alladin-IT through the use of alladin-IT Nettest as well as results of all measurements which are carried out by users are recorded in a database. This database can only be accessed by the employees of alladin-IT responsible for the management of the database. Users and alladin-IT shall use the alladin-IT Nettest system to measure the capacity and quality of network services provided by operators or service providers. The system shall show where and with which ISPs there are potential problems with access to internet services, where there is no mobile or wireless signal and whether operators are acting net-neutral.

The user’s public IP address is being processed in order to determine the network operator, to identify potential improper use of the system and in order to prepare a history of measurements for a specific user. The full IP address is recorded in the database, but shall not be disclosed to public and can be viewed by the user itself only in the mobile app under "Details" or in the browser under the "History" tab.
WiFi SSID and BSSID is stored to help users to interpret their own measurement results shown in "history". This is critical especially when using different WiFi access points.

The selected and anonymised data from completed measurements (marked with an asterisk) are published online and can be accessed through the alladin-IT Nettest website, while allowing the interested public to gain an independent and realistic insight in the state of mobile, wireless and fixed communication systems and internet services. This provides users with information on the network coverage for a specific network or service provider at the level of regions, cities, districts or the most common regular communication routes. Information on mobile coverage is especially important for users, who travel on a daily basis, or users without the possibilities to access fixed broadband networks.

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