We measure and auction the future

alladin-IT develops software, consults and supports its clients since 2005. Specialist for network quality measurement and spectrum auctions in telecommunication.

Are You a Network Operator, Regulator, OTT or Internet User?

We have designed the Nettest to enable you to measure and assess the availability, quality and neutrality of your Internet. All the results are generated and processed objectively, securely and transparently.

We offer you the first and only independent, crowd-sourced and fully BEREC-compliant open-source and open-data-based solution. It also complies with the German Federal Network Agency's (Bundesnetzagentur) Telecommunications Transparency Regulation of 2016.

Available for land line (websockets & Java) and mobile devices (iOS and android). In addition to the classic ping, download, upload parameters, it also measures QoS and QoE (a total of 150+ parameters).

Network Operators

will benefit from improved and innovative customer relations, measurement-data based network development coupled with a nationwide overview of business opportunities.


will use the only transparent BEREC-compliant solution, assess QoS and QoE of all operators, and increase competition as well as network quality.


will receive information on actual network quality and customer satisfaction for the selection of suitable infrastructure partners and for decisions on expansion of their own networks.

Internet Users

we offer simple, transparent operation, results presented in map form, and really neutral measurement of operator performance.

Spectrum auctions,
so much more than just software

In 2008 alladin developed a special spectrum auction software solution for awarding frequencies to mobile operators. It supports both CCA and SMRA auction formats and is highly configurable, able to handle any variation of these auction algorithms.

Not only has the price calculation and awarding algorithm more than proved itself in multiple European auctions, renowned independent scientific institutions vouch for its reliability and accuracy.

The unique algorithm delivers results within seconds even for very complex CCA auctions. There is no limit to the number of categories it can handle.

The high level of encryption ensures secure, hacker-proof data transfer. The system can be restored to the status at the last auction round at any time.

Alladin‘s spectrum auction consulting portfolio covers everything from determining the auction format, determining the reserve price, increments, minimum and maximum bid limits, block sizes, categories, etc., defining of auction rules, support in public consultations, bidder and auctioneer training, spectrum auction workshops and training programmes.

All about us

alladin-IT was founded by Andreas Gaber in 2005. Leonhard Wimmer joined as CTO in 2007. The portfolio of services included CMS/CRM, mobile solutions, database management, e-commerce solutions and programming. 2008 saw the beginning of the spectrum auction consulting service: for the Austrian Regulatory Authority, RTR. Our sophisticated spectrum auction software system was used in a number of auction processes in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Montenegro. Further specialization in the field of telecommunications led to the development of the “Nettest” for the monitoring of the QoS and QoE of Internet access based on BEREC‘s recommendations. Today it is used in many European countries to measure broadband quality and coverage.

Johannes Lusak joined Andreas Gaber as a managing partner of alladin-IT in 2016.

Andreas Gaber

Andreas Gaber began his career in the telecommunications industry by studying business information technology at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2008 he has been involved in numerous frequency spectrum auctions implementing specialized auction software for SMRA and CCA formats, and so acquired specialist expertise in game theory, mathematical auction theory and auction consultancy.

Since 2011.Andreas has been involved as project leader, key account manager and technical expert in the management of Nettest projects.

He is also in regular contact with numerous regulatory authorities in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, using his extensive expertise in spectrum auctions and monitoring of Internet quality.

As a managing partner of alladin-IT, Andreas is responsible for IT, finance and sales.

Johannes Lusak

Johannes studied business administration and literature in Vienna and Los Angeles. He worked for many years as an international management consultant. Johannes was responsible for international consulting teams and projects.

Johannes joined the metalworking industry when he was in his thirties. As head of HR and OD in a family-owned enterprise he had overall responsibility for OD, corporate culture, executive development, SAP-HCM, performance and talent management.

Johannes sees his professional role as a builder of bridges between divergent interests, with the aim of creating win-win situations in cooperation and coordination in order to achieve goals.

As a managing partner of alladin-IT he is responsible for HR, strategy, marketing, product development, controlling and project management.

Job offers

We are continuously growing. You are motivated, well skilled and fit in our team. You desire independent, autonomous working and like to go for new challenges. Please send us your application immediately: We are looking exactly for you!